Born and bred in the sun-drenched tomato and olive fields of Southern Italy, like most Italians Massimo inherited the passion for beautiful food as a birthright. When he moved to London, he brought his traditions – and quite often a bottle or two of homemade olive oil – with him. In 2006, Massimo took a sabbatical and spent time in Rome to study professional cookery. He knew he was beginning to understand his true calling, to take his passion seriously. Having completed the course, Massimo returned to London and began working as a personal chef for friends, filling fridges and freezers, enabling busy people to eat in an excellent fashion. And now, for all foodies out there, he is ready to broaden his scope and offer his services to those who wish to eat well and healthy. Sourcing organic produce and sourcing happiness through the fork and knife are Massimo’s passions.


Dinner Parties and Special Events

Massimo is determined to keep food personal, intimate and full of joy for each individual circumstance. Whether you are throwing a party or just a candlelit dinner for two, Massimo is on hand. He will meet you in person for an initial consultation to help you decide a menu that will suit your particular needs. He will then provide you with a quote that will include his service and ingredients. All the preparation will be done in your kitchen, meal will be served and everything will be cleaned before leaving. Contact Massimo directly so that he can hand-craft the perfect mealtime experience for you.

Fridge & Freezer Filling

Weekly meals prepared for you or your entire family in your home (or mine if you prefer so). These meals will be prepared according to your dietary restrictions and stocked in your fridge or freezer with labels and specific heating instructions. This service is ideal for those of you who do not like cooking or do not have the time to cook. The fridge and freezer filling service is also available during the weekend. Download a sample menu

Cookery Classes

Swanberry offers individual or small group cookery classes in the comfort of your kitchen or in Massimo’s kitchen. Classes are between 1 and 4 hours long, during which we will prepare dishes according to your tastes and dietary restrictions. Classes are at any levels, from beginners to advanced. Please contact Massimo for more details.

Gluten Free

Massimo is a specialist in gluten-free meals due to his own personal need to cut off gluten from his diet. He is proud of not using any pre-made flour mixes or recipes which include any additives or preservatives commonly found in gluten-free products. In addition to preparing typical free from recipes, Massimo will surprise you with serving delicious meals that are usually off limits for those of you who are celiac or have developed an intolerance to gluten. Homemade pasta, savoury crêpes with white sauce, breaded fish or chicken, cakes and biscuits are only a few of the gluten-free recipes Massimo can do for you.


For any of the services that Swanberry offers, get in touch directly with Massimo at the email or phone number below:

E: massimo@swanberry.co.uk
T: 07939 221174